Jun 28

AlarmingTweet Entered in Make it Tweet Contest

I built a new project I called AlarmingTweet for the Adafruit Make it Tweet contest at Instructables.  The project adds tweeting capabilities to the GE 45142 Choice-Alert Wireless Control Center Alarm system. The Choice-Alert system allows you to wirelessly connect up to 16 different sensors across 4 zones. You can purchase door/window sensors, motion detectors, garage door sensors and more allowing to build your own custom alarm system.

The only thing the Control Center lacked was the ability to notify you remotely in the event of an alarm. I figured I could solve this problem with an Arduino, Ethernet shield, ThingTweet and Twitter, which fit ‚Äčbeautifully with the goal of the Make it Tweet contest.

After a long weekend of trying to find time to get the project completed I was finally able to get it across the finish line late Sunday night. Much to my surprise my project was featured by the Instructables editors on Monday in the Technology section and for a time made a run up the most popular projects list. Voting for the contest is currently underway, so please take a few minutes to view the contest entries and vote for your choice.

You can see all the contest entries and vote for your favorite here, or if you just want to read my Instructable go to AlarmingTweet directly.


UPDATE: AlarmingTweet was chosen as a finalist in the Make it Tweet Contest, but in the end did not win. Maybe next time…

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