Some of my things connected to the Internet of Things.

Here are a few charts from my home temperature sensors connected to ThingSpeak. The charts below will update every 15 seconds, but my sensors are currently only reporting to ThingSpeak every 5 minutes:


  1. Rob Gray

    Two questions,

    Why is it hotter at 6AM than in the afternoon?

    What the heck happened in the basement at around noon?


    1. willnue

      The reason it was hotter at 6AM than noon appears to be that the basement was still cooling down from running the dryer the night before.

      As far as what happened at noon I think you were a victim of the sliding scale on the charts. Since the range of temperatures in the basement is so small the chart exaggerates them. The basement hasn’t swung more than 4 degrees in the last 10 days and those swings are only from running the dryer.


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